Plane Food

Why doesn’t plane food hit our culinary heights?

Okay, so we all know plane food doesn’t exactly hit culinary heights, unless you’re lucky enough to be travelling in first class. But, it’s not just the fault of the caterers, as the video below from SciShow explains. In fact, the unique conditions of a pressurised plane cabin contribute to a significant decrease in your ability to taste food: air pressure, humidity and background noise all contribute to making the eating experience a bumpy ride. 

Here’s how plane food is actually made today, you won’t believe the dishes they used to serve up on-board, including whole hams, fresh bread and delicous seafood. The problem of making food taste great at 12.000 mt is also something that fascinates chefs, including the likes of three Michelin star chef Andreas Caminada, who served up some delicious inflight treats a little more recently.

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