Circus Restaurants London for weird dinner

11 Restaurants for a weird dinner

If you fancy a foray into into the wonderful, wacky, kooky, quirky, zany and downright strange world of dining experiences, we’ve collected our top 11 weird restaurants from around the world. So if you have nerves of steel, a spirit of adventure, or just want a night to remember here’s out top pick of weird restaurants that’ll take you from the heady heights of sky high dining to fire twirling, opera dining and more than you could imagine from an eatery.

Circus – London

If life is a cabaret where more fitting to experience its delights than the Circus Restaurant (picture above) nestled in London’s Coven Garden. Diners get to enjoy a Pan-Asian menu overseen by Executive Chef Andrew Lassetter as the dramatic live show unfolds around you. And the dress code? Guests are advised to make a wonderful effort without going for fancy dress. Interpret that as you will!

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives

Dining with the fishes? Try Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, and dining 16 feet under sea level. Enjoy marine life as you sip champagne and dine on a seasonal contemporary European menu in the safety of the glass pod.

Dining in the Sky – Worldwide

Diners with a head for heights will love this unique dining experience served strapped into their seats from a suspended dining table 25 metres in the air while a reputable chef cooks up dinner. Check the website for availability and locations.

Rollercoaster Restaurants – Worldwide

Thrill seekers can get their kicks from a roller coaster ride of a journey that their ordered dish takes from the kitchen to their table. Check the Website for worldwide Rollercoaster restaurant locations.

Robot Restaurant – Tokyo

Fancy a wild night of robots and laser lights to distract you from your date? Try the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo as you try to eat your bento box in mayhem.

The Dancing Robot Restaurant – Bangkok

Hajime Restaurant in Thailand service comes courtesy of samurai robots who collect your order once placed on the touch screens. 

Dining in the Dark – Various Locations

Dining in the dark seems to be a popular concept racking up its 10th Anniversary. Diners spend the evening in a restaurant guided purely by touch, smell and taste in this unusual dinner experience.

Bel Canto – London

Prefer to be amongst the perfomers? Try this live opera restaurant where the staff belt out some operatic numbers amongst the seated diners.

Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas

Not one for the faint hearted, this is a restaurant that tries to live up to its name. Portions are of colossal sizes that are enough to raise your cholesterol just by looking at them.

Ninja Restaurant – New York

Enter the Ninja restaurant and the discreet entrance and softly lit interior give little away of the surprises you are in for during your Japanese dinner. Be prepared for a fright!

Dick’s Last Resort – Various Locations USA

For service served with sarcasm head to one of politcally incorrect Dick’s last resort restaurants located around the USA. Be prepared to spend the night wearing a dunce hat and subjected to obnoxious service and ridicule as you chow down your burger and fries.

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