Cibo Nostrum

Made in Sicily at Cibo Nostrum

On May is coming back Cibo Nostrum, for its fifth edition, with the aim to propose, once again, the best of Made in Sicily. Three days: Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th. Two fascinating location: Zafferana and Taormina. Many partners: Associazione Provinciale Cuochi Etnei, Federazione Italiana Cuochi, Unione Regionale Cuochi Siciliani, Chic Chef, Le Soste di Ulisse, (Confederazione Pasticceri Italiani), Blu Lab Academy, F.i.s. (Fondazione italiana sommeliers), Associazione Italiana Celiachia Sicilia, Associazione Albergatori Taormina, in addition to the Taormina entrepreneurs and a large team of collaborators, as well as the chefs involved in the event, now they are an hundred.

These are just some of the numbers of this new edition of Cibo Nostrum, prestigious event that for years the press has identified as the “great celebration of gastronomy and excellence of Mediterranean”. An appointment was born in the heart of the Sicilian volcano, by the liveliness of Cuochi Etnei and their president, Seby Sorbello. “This was the first great news that we wanted to make the event, declares Seby Sorbello, that is able to embrace, not only ideally, two corners of Sicily as well as picturesque Zafferana and Taormina and consequently involves hundreds of friends and colleagues from kitchens of most regions of Italy.”

This year to enrich the large calendar of events, as always created to disseminate and promote the agro-food products of excellence Made in Sicily, the fascinating combination of Zafferana and Taormina where in particular, Monday May 23rd, will be held the day themed “Chef in the streets”: in the splendid setting of the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, in fact, there will be a live performance of over 100 chefs from around the Italy, each of them will propose the high cuisine of its territory. The event promises to be a great audience participation, as well as protagonists: chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, salon professionals, journalists, agribusiness professionals, all of the highest quality assurance, elegance, good taste and fun. The proceeds of appointment in Taormina will go to charity, exactly to the LIMPE-DISMOV ONLUS Foundation, which will use it to fund research on Parkinson’s disease in Italy. This will do more honor to the many chefs who will be spent in the first person to be part of this event.

The theme of this year, that it will be explored is the blue fish, with attention of its healthy and culinary potential but even for its economic impact and terms of domestic and international use. There will be  numerous “gastronomic workshops” entirely dedicated to it. Prestigious national gastronomic journalists have already confirmed their participation to this Sicilian festival: among them, Marco Mangiarotti, former deputy director and critic of Il Giorno, Luigi Cremona, gastronomical critic of the Italian Touring Club, Gioacchino Bonsignore, director of Gusto TG5 Canale 5, Alberto Lupini and Clara Mennella, director and Deputy director of Italia a Tavola, Corrado Gentile, RDS, Barbagli Fabrizio, director of I Grandi Vini, Piero Rotolo, director of EgNews Olio, Vino e Peperoncino, Roberta Capanni, La Nazione newspaper, Sandra Longinotti, La Repubblica newspaper, Elisabetta Canoro, Panorama TV and Alex Revelli Sorini and Susanna Cutini, hosts for this year of this event.

Cibo Nostrum leads the Associazione Provinciale Cuochi Etnei, the Federazione Italiana Cuochi and the Unione Regionale Cuochi Siciliani. The President of FIC, Rocco Pozzulo, has announced its participation at the event, which also come the undersecretary for Agriculture Policy, Giuseppe Castiglione, who has already announced the sponsorship of Minister to event 2016. Among the organizers of Cibo Nostrum there’s also the chef Pietro D’Agostino of restaurant “La Capinera” in Taormina, who represent even Chic Chef: “Creativity and innovation, memory and territory: these are the main ingredients that we want to show, says Pietro D’Agostino, an approach that is reflected in the menu created according to the seasons of the earth and in the proposed revision of the traditional dishes, the use of local ingredients, from the vegetables of local cultures to our blue fish, the true king of the Mediterranean. Sicily that we tell in the dishes, continued D’Agostino, is the land that so many people have lived and ruled: we are the heart of the Mediterranean which, in this sense, is the synthesis of a tradition and stratification of many cultures even in the kitchen. From Greeks to the Romans, through the Arabs, the Spaniards, the French, each of them has left something of themselves, that later inevitably engaged with the old and the new, becoming unique and unrepeatable.”

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