La Prosciutteria, flagship store of Renascimentho

La Prosciutteria, in a street in the center of Florence, flagship store following other franchise of Tuscan style which were, in turn, opened around the world, by the Renascimentho of Montespertoli. At the head of this wonderful Italian reality, the family Leoncini which is from four hundred years in the agricultural world, in various ways and with various tasks, thanks to this experience are able to offer in excellent manner a series of products that they are authentic gastronomic works of art. Meats, cheeses, wine, olive oil, pasta and all the best of Tuscan regional specialties and local products are the asset of the exclusive line Renascimentho. A solid business philosophy is the cornerstone of this company which it has tradition on its side, respect for the past and the flavors that identify the Tuscany, always keeping an eye open for the new things and produce what they like and never what the market wants.

La Prosciutteria is a great marble countertop with a lots of hams of own production exclusively sliced by hand but also the famous Spanish Patanegra, the Cinta Senese, the sow ham, the boar ham and a secret ham. Many wines of the company and of their friends are in tasting. And then the pecorino cheeses produced in Maremma, the omelettes, the bread of Montespertoli, selection of cheeses, pickles vegetables, tuna and anchovies, pickles, pastries and a long series of delicacies of own production. Everything comes by the inspiration of one of the youngest of the family Leoncini, Daniele, who after graduating in enology, he decided to open a restaurant in the city to Florence, and provide a food service of quality, lively and sophisticated and not rough and unworthy of Tuscan specialties. And Daniele Leoncini says about La Prosciutteria: ” I can assure you that despite the central location it will not be the classic shop for tourists, here you will make real quality at adequate prices in a workshop atmosphere of the 30’s. I got tired of traveling the world and see the non-existent homegrown character of Italian food sold while we were staying immobile, which is why the first stores of our Franchises are born abroad”.

The Renascimentho really offers a wide range of products that goes beyond the ham, to honey, to ancient sauces, to apricot jam and much more. And all the products are organic, strictly hand made with love and ┬ápatience. And it is exactly right the definition that the family Leoncini uses for their products, “Designed from the mind of an elegant Count, but made by the callouses hands of a peasant.”

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