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Christmas Italy Food 2016: Torrone by Barbero

Visit the Torroneria e Cioccolateria Barbero means encountering a beautiful piece of civilization and history of work, perseverance, respect for tradition and loyalty to the healthy values ​​of Piedmont, that inspired the Barbero today. The Company, founded in Mombercelli d’Asti, is characterized by the production of nougat crumbly craftsmanship and the finest chocolate. We must go back five generations to try and track Melchiorre Barbero who, in 1883, began the production of “Nougat and Noasetti”.

The term “nougat” comes from the Latin Torreo which meant toast. Apparently “beat around the nougat” has never been very varied activities and fun. Certainly an ancient activity since there is already talk of nougat in Roman times, before it exploded a real fashion in the Middle Ages. A sweet Italian everything as it is assumed that this goodness has been introduced in the areas of Asti and Alba from the chefs of the Visconti, lords of Milan, who maintained relations with Astigiani bankers. For about 300 years the nougat was manufactured by different artisans using only local products such as Langhe hazelnuts and wildflower honey that gave him organoleptic characteristics superior to all known at nougats and a unique scent of berries.

Towards the end of ‘700, a pastry chef from Asti picked the best of each recipe and prepared the formulation which is still used for the preparation of nougat d’Asti. A disciple and descending,  Melchiorre Barbero, on 1883 opened in Mombercelli a laboratory for the manufacture of nougat and “noasetti”, using the same recipe. The product received immediate success already in 1885, he was awarded a gold medal at the Napoli. The first in a series that will be in the more than 100-year history. To say that the Torrone d’Asti is not covered in any way in order to enhance the quality of its basic ingredients.

Returning to our main character, the family has witnessed the medal awards that dot the more than one hundred years of history of Barbero. Today this award-winning Italian reality, which is always conducted by the same family, is led by Davide Maddaleno and Giovanni Barbero, who continue with passion to produce sweets, maintaining unchanged the quality of raw materials. Authentic delicacies for gourmets are the various types of nougat of Barbero with a maximum of “Crumbly Piemontese exaltation” which is produced by keeping the traditional recipe and Astigiana who received the mark DE.C.O. municipal designation of origin.

In the historical site of Torroneria D. Barbero in the heart of Asti, production extends to “Gianduja”, typical chocolate of Piedmont, breadsticks Rubatà covered with chocolate, chocolate bars and nougat “Grand Cru” and a thousand other delicacies. The various nougats Barbero are for connoisseurs of authentic delicacies for which is required a careful craftsmanship which provides for the long cooking in steam boilers for 7 hours, a selection made by hand of all hazelnuts and the best flower honey and the use of  fresh egg. The nougat is then extracted with the “oars” of wood and crushed by hand, it is then allowed to cool until the next day on marble tables.

There are many varieties of nougat. There nougat hard and the soft. While the hard one is cooked more (can be up to 12 hours) and also often contain more sugar. The softer instead is cooked for only 2 hours. Also other types of nougat: there’s the almond or hazelnut and, recently, has been introduced nougat covered with chocolate or with pistachio. And the latter, the Soft Nougat Pistachio of Torroneria e Cioccolateria Barbero is a dessert that melts in your mouth and contrasts with the crisp pistachio. A goodness to be discovered. How are all to taste the Tripolini; the recipe is the same as the white nougat crumbly, but once cooled is covered with extra dark chocolate. The tripolini name evokes the time when the current Libyan capital was under the Italian empire. Anyway it is a chocolate-covered nougat layers fact when it is cut can easily see the concentric circles of the filling. An incredible treat!

The Torroneria e Cioccolateria Barbero is absolutely true excellence license plate Italy and has also created a museum where you can admire the historic machines, the original documents and photos of its history. A museum that has become a popular destination for people around the world who see a museum that works. In fact, it is amazed not only for everything related to the production and processing of raw materials but also by the atmosphere of liberty end block 800 and the incredible flavors of their flagship products which it is impossible not to taste. Watch the video to find out more!

Torroneria D. Barbero
Via Brofferio 84
14100 Asti – Piedmont – Italy
Phone n.: +39 0141 594004


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