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Christmas Italy Food 2016: Panettoni by Filippi

The usual names, the usual advertising and every year Panettone on our tables is always the same. Christmas seems to be a little adventurous when it comes to deciding the Christmas dessert par excellence. Gourmet Panettone or classic Milanese panettone? This year, the field narrows as the artisan of some panettone pastry seems to be the real winning choice. Finally. Today we propose the Pasticceria Filippi. We know, Christmas is a magic. As you can imagine a Christmas without panettone? Pasticceria Filippi makes this even more special magic. Andrea Filippi and his team have always used a recipe rich in high-quality ingredients. Eggs, butter, Sicilian candied fruits, sugar cane and especially their yeast without the addition of flavorings. A set of delights that make their leavened the fine and renowned brands.

The history of Pasticceria Filippi began in 1972 in Zanè near Vicenza with the production of the first cakes baked sourdough. Maria and Giuliano Filippi so they write the first chapter of a good story the name of authenticity of the ingredients that continues today with the work of Andrea and Lorenzo sons. The Filippi company devotes great effort today to meeting the high quality standards that distinguish it, without ever forgetting the real “heart” of the pastry button, which is made up of people. The ingredients used by Pasticceria Filippi in his preparations are eggs of hens and outdoors, hand-peeled citrus and candied in brine, selected flour and butter, brown sugar, sourdough and no artificial flavoring.

We tested three of panettone signed Pasticceria Filippi, classic, with apple and cinnamon and finally the one with brown. Wanting to give a general view of the experience, notes that more ‘favorably impress upon tasting, apart from the elegant packaging and attention to every little detail, are the lightness of the dough, the naturalness and the high quality of the ingredients used, not to mention an incomparable taste!

It’s true that they are of high craftsmanship Italian products around the world is very hard to find, someone will try to imitate them but very unlikely to equal them, because the yeast used by these confectioners has the beauty of 40 years renovated continuously every day, from generation to generation. Also only research, we dare to define painstaking, raw and long experience, bring to our tables delicacies like the panettone Pasticceria Filippi.

Also we think that better to eat a slice every now rather than gorging shoddy and mediocre products, the sensory pleasures in this case will rise greatly in level and could be forgotten. Usually we eat the classic panettone at Christmas. But panettone in Italy are produced in many types, some very creative, with the typical products between PDO, PGI and DOC and DOCG. And in terms of creativity difficult to beat leavened where the only protagonist of the Special Filippi is the brown candy. There are raisins or candied orange peel, only so many pieces, hand-cut, candied chestnuts. A cake with a particularly velvety taste and naturally flavored with Bourbon vanilla berries untreated. A treat for connoisseurs.

Absolutely not least the panettone with apple and cinnamon. This novelty in Pasticceria Filippi is a real artisan specialties made putting together pleasantly pungent taste of cinnamon with the natural sweetness with a slight sour note of candied apple. A panettone with a soft dough where they plunge many pieces of candied apple. A panettone from the oven perfect for parties, an alternative to the traditional panettone, an intense aroma of cinnamon and vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, with a sweet taste but strong.

But for those who are tied to the traditions, try eyes closed on Classico Filippi, the sweet of the Christmas holidays par excellence, made according to the traditional recipe. A handmade product, by the scent of citrus and vanilla and delicate flavor enriched by the natural sweetness of Italian honey, Australian selected raisin, fresh orange cubes from Washington and candied fruit. With our best wishes and congratulations to these fine artisans of taste!

Pasticceria Filippi
Via M. Pasubio 96/a
36010 Zané (VI) – Veneto – Italy
Phone n.: +39 0445 314085

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