Christmas Italy Food 2016: Panettone alle Mandorle by Bonfissuto

Who said that the best panettone is done only in Milan? Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto, the brothers of desserteria Bonfissuto Canicattì (Agrigento), are the proof that elsewhere you can make a Panettone of excellence. Bonfissuto Sicilian Fine Food is a young company, made by young people, but with the important and prestigious successes already achieved. Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto, entrepreneurs in the restaurant business, establishing themselves as restaurant owners about 19 years ago, when they begin to take care of catering. With the passage of time the two brothers, discovering a passion for the sweet part of the kitchen, they refined the confectionery techniques. In a few years, thanks to research, work and dedication, create a gastronomic excellence product: panettone. The two brothers from Canicattì link on the discovery and exploitation of the flavors are linked to traditional local products. The dough of the cake itself valuable and unique in appearance, smell and taste, is enriched with niche items like chocolate of Modica, pistachios from Bronte, the strawberries of Ribera (Slow Food) and gold leaf; the latter are to enhance the panettone most valuable ever existed, the 18carati. A constant and precise work, therefore, the quality research, saw the Bonfissuto Sicilian Fine Food, with their homemade panettone, the protagonists of the national media, regional newspapers and countless articles on online news sites with the consequent acquisition of prestigious international awards.

A meticulous and continuous research of excellent products of Sicily led to the discovery, exploitation and processing of high-quality raw materials. All ingredients protagonists of a “creative” discovery that allows you to give new life to a series of sweet specialties that have a long history. Through the study, the intuition, the work and experience have created delicious new unmistakable proposals for originality, taste and presentation. The Almond Valley of the Temples, the Pistachio of Bronte, the strawberries of Ribera, the fresh ricotta from Sicani mountains are just some of the basic ingredients of the preparations of Bonfissuto Brothers. A creative discovery that allows you to give new life to old recipes. Through the study, the intuition, the work and experience have created delicious new unmistakable proposals for originality, taste and presentation and support traditional Sicilian cassata, cannoli and almond paste.

But our current protagonist is the Panettone and we want to believe, or not, this traditional Christmas cake has its roots in 1400, a recipe that has spanned the centuries almost unchanged, always beloved and synonymous with Christmas parties and family. Which you prefer? Glazed without candied fruit or raisins, stuffed with cream or with chocolate? At Bonfissuto there are many variations to suit all tastes and we have tested for you the Panettone with Almonds.

The latter gives you the chance to taste the almonds from the Valley Temples of Agrigento, a unique almond in the world that was created especially on the territory of the park and only present in very few productions. Suffice it to say that Sicily until the sixties was the first producing region of the world almonds. Sicilian within the province in which there was the greatest cultivation of almonds was just Agrigento. It was a “mandorlicoltura” conducted with traditional methods and traditional varieties even local ecotypes result of intersections and/or selections often carried out by the farmers themselves. Going back to Panettone with Almonds of Bonfissuto, it is a sweet traditional sourdough baked with white chocolate coating and quoted on the Valley of the Temples almonds. A soft, sweet, fragrant and especially Milan, that the two Sicilian brothers were able to bend the secular Sicilian confectionery tradition. To this goodness you can match the Sicilian almond cream, velvety and enveloping that takes full advantage of the taste of the Panettone with the presence of a high percentage of selected almonds.

Bonfissuto Sicilian Fine Food
Viale della Vittoria 72
92024 Canicattì (AG) – Sicilia – Italia
Tel: +39 0922 739045

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