Christmas Italy Food 2016: Nero Sublime by Fiasconaro

The best known Panettone in the world is from Sicily. It may seem a paradox, given the Italian origin of the Milanese Christmas cake par excellence. Yet, for the most careful consumers to the Italian tradition but also by an increasingly large group of people in the world the master of Panettone is called Nicola Fiasconaro, from Castelbuono, a medieval town in the district of Palermo, in the middle of the Madonie. A tradition of confectioners, that Fiasconaro, created in 1953 by his father Mario. It is a company that developed over time, led today by Nicola and his brothers Fausto and Martino and in which they have already entered the grandsons of the founder. A small empire where every year leave more than 1.2 million kg of panettone and colombe, made with selected ingredients chosen overwhelmingly in Sicily and a turnover in steady growth year after year.

Born in 1964 in Castelbuono, Nicola Fiasconaro begins as a child to dabble with chocolate and jam in the workshop of his father. It is the beginning of a passion that led him over the years to establish itself as one of the best Italian pastry chefs. A progressive success, with the statement of demanding markets such as Milan, home of panettone with Angelo Motta and Gioachino Alemagna and an audience of admirers across the border. Over the years he developed a passion for the realization of authentic works of chocolate art: among the anecdotes related to his performances, stands out the chocolate copy of Bruce Springsteen guitar that he received during his concert in Milan. We should also mention the pastry buffet prepared for Pope Benedetto XVI’s visit to Palermo and the colomba which was donated to Pope Francesco. By Italians astronauts went into space up to politicians, all have always praised his skill and excellence.

The confectionery Sicilian company of Fiasconaro is positioned today as an absolute benchmark in the high confectionery industry. Established itself on the national and international market, it is a modern world that is constantly expanding as it combines a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a constant search for quality in full compliance with the highest standards of traditional Italian cuisine. Today Fiasconaro products, after crossing the Sicilian borders, are distributed throughout the national territory, in many European countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom) as well as in the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Strength of Fiasconaro is definitely the rich line of panettone all created following the most traditional rules of fine biscuits but reconceived in Sicilian Madonie Products and using raw materials derived exclusively from the island. Also unmistakable sign of recognition of all the baked goods Fiasconaro, is the sourdough, a slow fermentation process that lasts 36 hours and which originates in the “Madre”, a core of fermented dough to which are added, gradually, water and flour. It is a method of ancient confectionery tradition that requires special skill of the baker and that, even excluding the use of chemical additives and preservatives, the product ensures a surprisingly long life.

However, driven by the constant desire to innovate the art of confectionery, for Christmas 2016, Fiasconaro launched a sweet novelty, a purely black panettone for the whitest of all parties. It is the Nero Sublime, emblematic name but which summarizes the essence. It is a cake-looking sumptuous and very dark at the sight, taste irrepressible and incomparable fragrance, fruit of the award-winning pastry chef Nicola Fiasconaro that, in studying the recipe, has carefully selected two special ingredients, typical of its context. Dusted with flakes of chocolate of Modica and stuffed with strawberries of Ribera, the Nero Sublime is a real triumph of flavors, marrying harmoniously, recall the palate the classic aromas of confectionery and taste surprises of the oldest culinary traditions of the Sicily. The quality of the Nero Sublime was immediately appreciated internationally. This cake has in fact recently been awarded 3 stars (the highest awards conferred) at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels sponsored by the International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi (International Institute of Taste and Quality), the world leader in the organization tasting of food and drinks from the superior taste.

Piazza Margherita 10
90013 Castelbuono (PA) – Sicilia – Italia
Tel: +39 0921 677132

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