Torrone Geraci 1870

Christmas Italy Food 2016: Torrone Nisseno by Geraci 1870

Geraci 1870 is the story of Michele Geraci who, from a simple apprentice confectioner, became the producer of sweets and typical Sicilian dishes nougat. The Geraci family is the only family of Caltanissetta has maintained the production of the typical nougat, dedicating meticulous care to the selection of raw materials and maintaing the old recipe of grandfather Michele, dating back to 1870. The history of Torronificio Geraci can be considered emblematic of the larger story of family-owned companies. In 1870 Michele Geraci, an apprentice in a famous pastry of Caltanissetta, decided to start his own business and realize his activities. And his story, from which often develop new businesses and through which remain the most confectionery traditions characteristics of an area. The nougat Geraci 1870 so it has been entered in the register of historical Italian firms, becoming a pride of “Made in Sicily” is a destination for many tourists taste.

It has spent the time since 1870  and since then the Torronificio Pastry Geraci has grown to become a reality of popular niche excellence everywhere. The company is now in its fourth generation and is based in Caltanissetta with a pastry shop which is also shop, where Arab and ancient Sicilian recipe are interpreted by the skilled hands of master pastry chefs of Geraci 1870. The company philosophy that underlies Geraci 1870 consists in the choice of local quality ingredients for the products and in the manufacturing processes of the nougat and other specialties that are strictly artisan, similar to those of once. Care for their creations pushes the lab to stuff the moment sweets, so that may keep intact all their freshness.

One of the most popular food products ever and the company’s flagship product is the traditional nougat Nyssa, subjected to a firing in boilers with copper down for several hours on a low heat and then worked with antique looms. And the typical nougat Caltanissetta (to Geraci is considered among the best in the world), brittle made with honey, almonds and pistachios, all chosen from among the best Sicilian agricultural production. It became renowned throughout Italy when Caltanissetta button was economic center, thanks to the mining activity of sulfur, now the secrets of its production are shared by very few Masters. It takes about eight hours to ensure that the preparation of the nougat cycle is concluded to which follows the subsequent wrapping and packaging.

Lots of sweet specialties of Geraci 1870: in addition to the traditional nougat of Caltanissetta, Geraci creates handcrafted bricks, buckwheat stub of marzipan covered with chocolate but also the soft nougat, classic almond paste and all the sweets made during the parties. The awards won by the Premiata Fabbrica are the sign of an indisputable quality and excellence of products Geraci 1870. Perfect for any time of year, during the Christmas holidays in 1870 Geraci’s products are a perfect gift idea, which in addition to the elegant packaging bring Sicily to the table thanks to the different aspects of this region in the sweets of Geraci 1870: the scent of dried fruit reminiscent of the air you breathe in the inland provinces they come from almonds and pistachios, the sweetness of most valuable wildflower honey on the palate recalls the authentic flavor of traditional desserts, the marzipan paste evokes the form and color of the fruit trees typical of this land.

This year the Torronificio Geraci added further recognition as the Massimo Alberini Prize, awarded by the Academy of Cuisine, cultural institution of the Italian Republic founded in 1953 by Orio Vergani, “for the excellent craftsmanship, since 1870, the torrore and Sicilian pastries.” Established in 2014, the Massimo Alberini Prize is awarded annually by the Academy of Cuisine “to all those businesses that have long, constant quality, offer the public their production foods, handcrafted with excellent quality ingredients and techniques that respect tradition of the territory”.

Torronificio M. Geraci
Via Canonico Pulci 10, 12, 14
93100 Caltanissetta – Sicily – Italy
Phone n.: +39 0934 581570

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