Ca’ de Bezzi, historical late medieval tavern

The Ca’ de Bezzi (Batzenhäusl) is a cozy place near the historic center of Bolzano and it is the oldest tavern in the city. This tavern dates back to 1404 (first documented mention) and it has 25 owner who have managed this historical late medieval tavern (XV century) of the Commenda dell’Ordine Teutonico. His name derive from an ancient coin, Batzen (Bezzo) corresponding to the price of a measure of wine. A lot of the history is present in the walls, like the bombing of the city of Bolzano on March 28, 1944 that caused extensive damage even at Ca ‘de Bezzi. Remained in ruins for many years, it will be the host Joseph Waser to buy the tavern in the 1953 and under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture Heritage, that in the meanwhile it had made in ward the building, he was able to restore the structure to its original glory, so much so that in the autumn of the same year Ca ‘de Bezzi reopen its tower called “ornament of the city of Talvera and Isarco”. For centuries, the Ca ‘de Bezzi besides being the Osteria dell’Ordine dei Cavalieri Teutonici in the nineteenth century, it has been even circle of intellectuals, politicians and artists: from the Duke of Bavaria to the Austrian painter Albin Egger Lienz till the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. In the walls of the Ca ‘de Bezzi there are a real traces of its 600 years of history. The tradition is combined with modern architecture. The property features the original building on three floors, the beautiful stube of the artists and the famous collection of portraits began in 1889 that it recreates a unique atmosphere of art and poetry.

At Ca’ de Bezzi is possible to taste some typical South Tyrolean cuisine, homemade food, selected wines and its unmistakable Bozner Bier. Among the best dishes, the padella dell’artista, the Bauerngröstl (padella alla contadina) and the stuffed mezzelune with melted butter and cheese that they are a good proposal to continue with grilled specialties such as the fiorentina, ribs and pork shank. Also good, the soups typical Tyrolean, the homemade pasta and desserts. Everything for the most authentic and genuine flavors of Tyrol.

The activities in plan covers various areas, and they range from culture (exhibitions, clubs, music, art) to the renowned culinary tradition. The common denominator of all is the extraordinary nature of the historical value of the structure. On 17 June 2009, the oldest tavern in Bolzano has been inserted between the “Locali storici d’Italia,” a prestigious national award that the Ca’ de Bezzi has received with much proudness. This important award confirms the good job made through different activities carried out by the current host Bobo Widmann, who decided to go straight in this way rich of activities and initiatives to combine the historical legacy and the local tradition of Bolzano and of the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. Widmann during the award ceremony said about it: “It’s been a great honor for me to receive this award which underlines the historical prestige of the tavern: it is my duty, as well as a great pleasure to celebrate and revive the long history of Ca’ de Bezzi“.

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