The best watermelon for your summer!

Watermelons, with their promise of sweet and succulent flesh can make or break a hot summer‘s day. Whilst nothing beats picking the¬†perfect watermelon and turning it into delicious watermelon recipes, there’s also nothing quite like the disappointment of having carted home a dud. So, if you want to be guaranteed the pick of the crop when it comes to selecting the best watermelon, here are five simple steps to follow to save you from watermelon disappointment:

How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon

1) Look for regular shaped watermelon with smooth firm skin that’s dull and not shiny. Shininess might signify the watermelon was picked too early.

2) Pick up your watermelon, it should feel heavy, remember it’s 92% water after all, try comparing it to the weight of another watermelon of similar size.

3) Check for the field spot – this should be a paler yellow or white patch on the underside, where the melon rested on the ground when growing. If there isn’t one it was probably picked too early. This is important as watermelons don’t continue to ripen once picked, unlike other fruits.

4) A ripe watermelon should have some give to it and feel firm yet springy when you press the skin.

5) And finally, use the tried and tested knock test. Rap the melon with your knuckles on the underside and it should sound hollow rather than dull.

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