Al Sorriso, result of passion and sacrifice

The Al Sorriso Restaurant was founded in 1981 by Angelo Valazza, returned from an international background as a restaurateur at the highest levels and Luisa Marelli Valazza, self-taught cook and originating of Soriso, in the district of Novara (Piedmont). At the foot of the Alps and close to Lake Orta, one of the most romantic corner of the Po Valley, Luisa has made famous this home, working on a kitchen which gives all the honors. She has obtained a culinary culture, reading book after book of recipes, and experiencing them with her husband, Angelo. Extremely talented, now, she could write cookbooks. Her style? “A mixture of influences from Piedmont, Mediterranean and international cuisine, combined to celebrate the mountain where I love to walk”.

The secret of their success is the result of sacrifice, genuine passion for the excellence, the cult of the taste that is inherent in all Piedmont. Today, after thirty years, the Michelin stars and numerous international awards, Al Sorriso is an oasis of harmony and cordiality, a charming mix of emotions. A dream, in fact. In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant, it’s easy to get carried excitement and pleasures that Angelo and Luisa can suggest with innovation, while maintaining its own identity. From the earth understood as a set of values ​​such as customs, traditions and food local products research, it is simple to find a fantastic harmony of aromas and flavors, where Luisa, wisely, adapt the recipes to the times, to taste the most of every element of the dish.

The Al Sorriso Restaurant located on the mezzanine floor of a rustic home with flowers and planters, is an elegant and refined ambience, with fresh flowers on the tables and warm, intimate and quiet atmosphere. The cuisine is creative and of high level by Piemontese and Italian tradition. The potato egg with truffle d’Alba is a delicacy to be missed. You should not give up and try one of the best trucks cheeses of Italy. There is also fish with strips of scallops with spring onion of Tropea and crustaceans, black olives, olive oil and basil. Specialties of land, the Fassone piedmontese hazelnut and Barbaresco and the consommé ravioli with marrow. And for dessert the sweet lavender soufflé with reds fruits. The Al Sorriso restaurant also has an excellent wine cellar with a wide selection of the best Italian and foreign labels.

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